How It Works

So how does this scholarship work?
It all starts with you! Make a donation to the scholarship, and all proceeds go to the winning student.

(If you haven't already, click here to donate now)
Students send us their 2-5 minute application videos explaining how they're promoting diversity in their communities.
Open Doors For Open Minds chooses the top ten video applications, and distributes them on YouTube and social media.
The donors who gave $10 or more will be able to vote on which of the students' videos they think best exemplifies a commitment to diversity.
The students whose video gets the most votes will receive all of the proceeds from the donations, to be used at the college or university of their choice.

Additional Information:
Open Doors for Open Minds will add a second or third scholarship if funding allows. The application will not go live until there is enough funding to cover at least one scholarship. Once donations begin rolling in, we will calculate the percentage of donations that will end up going to the scholarship recipients.